Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do I have to pay to come to the event?
Response: No the events organized by the Google Apps team are free of charge.
Question: What should I bring? Do I need a laptop?
Response: It is recommended to bring a laptop when the event, especially if the event is a hackathon. It is still OK to come without a laptop to a hackathon as you will be working in teams.
Question: Do I have to stay until the end?
Response: No :) Feel free to leave when you want.
Question: If I am late can I still come in?
Response: Sure!
Question: Do I need to bring food?
Response: Of course you can bring food as some of these events last until late. However we will provide basic food to get you going - very likely to be pizza!. If you hate pizza feel free to bring your own food.
Question: Who can register? Is it open to everyone?
Response: Anyone can register and come, though the events are usually targeted at developers with at least basic programming skills.
Question: Is the event live streamed on the internet?
Response: At the moment we don't plan to do so. However some of these will be recorder and might be put online in the future.
Question: I can not come anymore. What do I do?
Response: Try to reply to the email you got after registering to let the organizers know. That way you will free up a spot in case the event is full.